PBI Canada

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While our most visible work is carried out in the field projects, our 14 country groups serve as anchors to the organization, providing the support each project needs to protect human rights defenders and peace activists.

PBI’s country groups are integral to building support networks, public education around human rights and nonviolence, recruiting volunteers both for PBI’s field projects and for work in our national groups, supporting returned field volunteers and fundraising to pay for it all.

It’s because of the worldwide support systems built by PBI-Canada and the other country groups that our field volunteers are able to help protect human rights defenders with such success. Our field volunteers are the physical symbol of this global network and when our field volunteers are out talking to authorities about why they are there and who they are accompanying, they can be confident that they are connected with thousands of other people who work to keep human rights defenders safe.

The authorities quickly get the message: if anything happens to the people we are accompanying, the world will know right away.

Our work in Canada is absolutely essential in order for us to continue our efforts to protect human rights. Without us, human rights defenders around the world would struggle in silence.

To find out how you can volunteer in Canada, click here.